Scaffold Highlights

  • Canadian Parliament Buildings – Ottawa, Ontario
  • The Saint Regis, Toronto Ontario – Cantilevered scaffold¬†¬†
  • Old City Hall – Toronto, Ontario
  • Eaton Centre – Toronto, Ontario
  • Burlington Skyway
  • Queenston Lewiston Bridge

We believe that the history and its preservation is important to our generation and for the generations to come. This is why aiding with the restoration of historic building is one of our favourite projects. We understand the sensitivity of these old buildings which is why we use the least invasive methods possible, often creating new and unheard of designs, when working on or around the buildings.

We deal with a mix of projects where the scaffolding is either at the front or behind the scenes. We understand that when working in a downtown centre in a high-traffic area, the last thing a customer wants is the scaffolding on the side of their buildings to be an eyesore. We take care and dedication to every one of these projects to ensure that they are done in a clean and professional manner, exerting the highest customer satisfaction. We do not believe in the impossible, if a scaffold needs to be placed in a specific area, we will find a way to place it there safely, correctly, and professionally.